How to Upgrade and Install a Graphics Card?

Upgrade a graphics card means. Replace your old graphics card with a new graphics card. but its not that much easy as people thinking about this. A wrong selection of graphics card can cost you a lot.

this article will help you to make a right decision.

Before upgrade or buying a new graphics card. please make sure that which graphics card slot have you in your motherboard. because there are two generation of graphics card are available in the market. one is AGP and second one is PCI-Express. Usually the AGP compatible graphics card are very old generation and very hard to find in the market and its give you below average performance while you trying to play any hd games. apart from that PCI-E Graphics card are known as their performance at various stage i mean 3D animation to hd gaming. so look at the picture above and their notch means cut marks to know which type of graphics card you are required. 

My Suggestion 

If you found a AGP compatible motherboard in your system please do not upgrade your pc ! just sell it and buy a PCI-E compatible motherboard. 

If you found a pci-e compatible motherboard please find out which pci-e generation slot is present in your system i mean there are 3  generation is available in the market till now 

Pci-E 1.0 ----------------------- 8 Gbps
Pci-E 1.1 ----------------------- 8 Gbps
Pci-E 2.0 ----------------------- 16 Gbps
Pci-E 2.1 ----------------------- 16 Gbps
Pci-E 3.0 ----------------------- 32 Gbps

To find out which gen pei-e slot you have please search in the google with the specified motherboard model number. 

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