The mid-range market is really heating up with this GTX series mid range monster graphics card. unlikely its attack higher end models such as the new Dual GPU offerings from both NVIDIA and AMD.

I own this graphics card and have been using over 15 days. the performance of this card is superb. and absolutely unbeatable. 


Intel core i3 540 @ 3.07GHZ
Samsung SyncMaster 20 inch monitor with 1600X900 Resolution
Asus GTX 550ti Basic Version (TEMP Upto 74 Dgree Celsius on ultra setting over 5-6 hour playing on the month of july)
UMAX 600 Watts PSU.
Windows 7 ultimate 64bits

I have installed following games and got these result on ultra / maximum setting 

Call of Duty Black ops.                     == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3          == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
Need For Speed The RUN                    == ULTRA / MAX Setting      9/10
Battlefield 3                                          == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
BulletStorm                                           == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
just caused 2                                        == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
ProtoType                                            == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
Split Second                                        == ULTRA / MAX Setting      9/10
Batman Archam City                          == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
Crysis 2                                            == ULTRA / MAX Setting    10/10
GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV)          == ULTRA / MAX Setting  10/10      

Let me tell you. if you are yet undecided about whether to go for this graphics card or not please don't be confuse go for it. 

If you're going to buy GTX550ti graphics card please try to go with asus brand because asus is known for their quality product. 

MY Suggestion for all graphics card buyers

Before buying any graphics card make sure in which display size would you like to play your favorite games. And which processor you have in your system. 

because i have seen some worst case in my life my elder bro His name is amar few month ago he was told me that i'm going to buy a new graphics card so which graphics card would you like to suggest me? In that time i was suggest him to go for asus GTX 550Ti graphics card. its the right choice for your pc. but that time he smiled and told me that brother I've the budget of  20,000/-INR  approx. and forgot the consequences & went to the market for buying a new Asus GTX 560TI Direct CU II Graphics card with Coolermaster Exterme Power 600watt PSU. after that when he  plugged his graphics card on his computer and play 4-5 games like COD, Crysis, The RUN, Split-Second suddenly he was shocked bcoz all the game heavily  stuck on ultra setting even minimum setting also. He could't find out the problem. after researching a lot on it, finally he found the real problem behind this graphics card. and the problem was in the processor. coz he had a core 2 duo 2.8ghz with 4 gb of ram. whenever he was run any of game on his computer, the processor showing 100% approx Process   in the task manager. it means the processor could not process the data rapidly which the graphics card had required.

so guys if you are planing for a graphics card then please go for the required  combination.

Processor      ###  Screen size upto   ###  Graphics card  

core i3                      20inch monitor                  GTX550TI

core i5                      32- 40 inch monitor          GTX560TI

core i7                      dual   monitor  32-40        GTX 680
                                  inch in SLI  Or above
                                  60 to 80 inch.

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