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Windows 7
The first theme is a dark Windows 8 shell theme for Windows 7. This is one of the best themes you’ll find anywhere inspired by the Windows 8 cloud:

Download Windows 8 Dark Shell Theme
Next, there is the Windows 8 M3 theme for Windows 7! This themepack theme can be easily installed on Windows 7 and includes all the M3 wallpapers!
Finally, there’s another themepack theme with a bunch of Midori wallpapers:

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack (Windows 7 Themepack

Download Windows 8 Ultimate Garden

Windows 8 winter garden download

Windows 8 Theme for Windows XP Pro

One theme inspired by Windows 8 has been created by Studio48. You can find the theme preview on YouTube:

3 Windows 8 Themes for Windows Vista:

Windows 8 Pro

Another great Windows 8 theme has been created by mufflerexoz on DeviantArt. He has created a theme for Vista. This one really looks cool, Windows 8 could really look like that one. The theme will change your shell, logon screens,wallpapers,tray icons and some other things. Overall it’s a pretty big theme, big kudos to the theme creator!
You can download the Windows 8 theme for Vista here: Download Windows 8 Professional Theme.

Windows 8 7282 RC Theme
Muffler also created some more themes inspired by Windows 8 (for Windows Vista SP1 x86):

Windows 8 Superbar Theme
The Superbar works only for the bottom taskbar. The taskbar also has twice the size and you can preview any windows.

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