How To Download and Save Windows Update in Your Hard drive For Future Use

Most of us have been using Microsoft Windows operating system for a long time will completely agree with me that a serious problem can Compelled you to format your windows. no matter its come form a virus or anything else. guess what? most of us did not take a backup of our working operating system. that means re installing all the application software and windows updates can take a long time. but somehow its manage by you because you have all the os and application software cds. but the problem is you had already put an effort to update your windows from the internet. and you have to do it again because you don't have the cds or any setup file of your windows update. because Microsoft server don't give you the update in a single package until it is a service pack release. and the windows automatic update won't allow you to store them.

But my dear friends i would like to share something that there is software called windows update downloader.  that can help you to download the necessary update from internet for your operating system and store them safely on an external disk or network location. which can be used and reused  again.

the windows downloader support .ULZ extension file. that you can easily get from this website ( ).

To download and install updates for your perticuler operating system. follow these steps

Step 1: download the windows update downloader and install it

Step 2: download the update list for your windows.

Step 3: click on the downloaded update list file after installing windows update downloader.
Step 4: download your updates and install them

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