How To Configure Virtual Box To Install Windows 8

To Configure Your Virtual Box For Windows 8 Just Follow The Steps::

Step 1: Just Click On The Virtual Box Icon On Your Desktop Then Click On The New Option  

Step 2: Type Name Windows 8 Select Microsoft Windows Then Select Windows 8 (64/32Bit) Then Click Next

Step 3: Select Your Ram SizeThen Click Next

Minimum Size : 1GB (1024 Mb)
Recommended Size : 2GB (2048 Mb)

Step 4: Select Create a Virtual Disk Drive Now Then Click Next

Step 5: Select VDI (Virtual Disk Image) Then Click Next

Step 6: Select Fixed Size Then Click Next

Step 7: Click On The Folder icon Choose The Directory Where You Want To Create and Save Your Virtual Windows 8 Hard Disk After Selecting Select The Hard Disk Size Then Click Next

Minimum Size : 10GB (10240 Mb)
Recommended Size : 20GB (20480 Mb)

Step 8: Wait For Finishing The Current Process

Step 9: Now Your System is Ready To Install Your New Windows 8 OS 

**Note** To Install Windows 8 in Virtual Pc Select The Windows 8 Icon Appear in Screen Then Click ON The Start Option and Follow The Instruction 

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