How to hack your administrator password in windows 8 using a pendrive

How To Create a Password Reset Disk For Reset Your Admin Password in Windows 8 ?
How To Reset Your Administrator Password Using a Flash / Pen Drive ?
How To Create a Master Key For Your Windows 8 ?

If You are those kind guy who always change their account password and  forget ! then i have a tricks for you create a master key for your windows account and carry it into the pendrive

To Create a Password Reset Disk / Or Create a Master Key of your windows 8 follow the steps 

Step 1 :
My Computer File Menu / Click on Open Control Panel 

Step 2:
Click On User Accounts and Family Safety 

Step 3:
Click On User Accounts

Step 4:
Click On Create a Password Reset Disk

Step 5:
Click Next

Step 6:
Select Your Pen Drive

Step 7:
Type Your Current Windows Password

Step 8:
On Process 

Step 9:
Click Finish

Step 10:
Enter any incorrect password

Step 11:
Click On The Reset Password

Step 12:
Select Your Pen Drive

Step 13
Type New password then Type again for confirm it

Then Click Next and Then Finish

Step 14:
Restart Your Windows and Type New password

Step 15:
well done !!

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