How To install Windows 8 In Virtual Box Step by Step Screenshots

To Install Windows 8 In Virtual box please follow the steps 

Boot from cd/dvd any key 
Press Enter
Step 1: Setup has lunch

Step 2: Select Your Language , Time and Currency Format.

Step 3: Click On Install Now 

Step 4: Select Windows Version which you want to install. then click Next

Step 5: Accept Microsoft End User Licence Then Click Next

Step 6: Click On The Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) 

Step 7: Click on the Primary Drive Then Click Next

Step 8 : installation has started wait until its finish.

Step 9: Window getting restart 

(Note: Please don't press any key while you getting that (boot from cd/dvd press any key....... message) in your display.

Step 10 : Select Your Windows Primary theme color. 

Step 11: Click On The Express Setting Button

Step 12: Click On The Sign in without a Microsoft account

Step 13: Click on The Local Account

Step 14: Type Your User Name

Step 15: Now Your Windows is ready to use ................

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