How to create a troubleshoot USB pendrive for windows 8

Before we start you should know what is troubleshoot usb drive and how does its help you ?

Ans: A Troubleshoot usb drive can help you when you windows 8 won't start. and you couldn't  access the advance option to repair or restore your computer. 

For EX: Suppose you recover your windows and suddenly your pc's power has gone. and now the problem your pc won't start to the next boot and you will not access the advance windows option to recover you window. now the troubleshoot usb drive become the medicine for your pc.

Note: I strongly suggest to all of you to create a troubleshoot usb drive you never know when the problem come to you

To Create a Troubleshoot usb drive please follow the steps

Insert a usb pendrive in your usb socket

Step 1 : Click on the recovery option under control panel 

Step 2 :Click on the Create a recovery disk 

Step 3 : Windows auto detect your pen drive click on the next button

After this window click on the finish button

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