How to download youtube videos without using any software

Using This Trick you can easily download youtube video without using any software. Actually you don't need to download any video manually.

This Trick working with Google Chrome Browser only.

Ticks with logic
So i'm going to tell you the tricks and logic behind the tricks!

Most of us like to watching videos on youtube and want to save it on our hard disk for further use ! how about if all the videos download automatically when we are watching it on youtube without using any software. actually most of us don't know that when we watching video's on internet its create a temporary cache file on our hard disk. few of us actually noticed that after watching any video on youtube you can watch it again using reply option without any internet connection. that means somewhere that video is stored temporarily. that can enable you to see it again with the help of replay. all we need to do that just get that stored file from that location.


GO TO C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Google\ChromeData\Default\Cache

Arrange file on detail order then.
 Usually  Larger File are video file ! Just copy any paste those file to another location and rename with .FLV extension.

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