How To Solve Windows 7 all Types Of Start-up Problems.

Ever come across problem in which your computer refuses to startup or boot into Windows? There are several reasons for this issue. Some common problems include problems with the master boot record, a boot sector or a boot configuration data (BCD) store.

If you are facing problems in the Windows 7 startup, first try the ‘Startup Repair’ option. This can be accessed after inserting the Windows 7 DVD and then selecting the option ‘Repair your computer’.

In the event of Windows 7 not able to fix startup problems by the above method, your next tool to try the “Bootrec.exe” tool that comes with Windows.

1. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc in the drive and start the computer.

2. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click “Next”.

3. Click on “Repair your computer”.

4. Select the Operating System that you want to repair, and then click “Next”.

5. In the “System Recovery Options” window, click option “Command Prompt”.

6. Now type Bootrec.exe in the Command Prompt and hit ENTER key.

7. You will get options as shown in screen-shot below.

8. Now type bootrec.exe /FixMbr. If there is problem in Master Boot Record (MBR), you should now get message as “The operation completed successfully”.

9. Type bootrec.exe /FixBoot.

10. Finally, type bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd.

11. After finishing, type exit and close the window.

Now reboot and check, whether the problem is solved. In most cases, the Booting problem should vanish, and your Windows should boot normally.

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