How To Block a Website without Using any software step by step with screenshots

Blocking a website without any software is very useful for those who won't have a addition budget for a new website blocking software. using this trick you can  block those website which are dangerous for your children and also block those website in which your employee spend a lot time like Facebook. 

Note : Also this trick can help you to block auto checking software activity ! for example you have installed adobe Photoshop cs 6 with a serial key and  its working fine until you don't connect the internet but when you connected with the internet the adobe Photoshop cs 6 automatic check and said invalid serial key....... using this ticks you can block the auto checking activity of any software.

All you need to do that ! just add those website with lope back ip address in windows host file.  

To add a website in a host file follow the steps
step 1:

Enter this link into the root or run command


After enter the link you will see this windows and a host file

Step 2:
Open Notepad and drag and drop the host file into the notepad like this

After drag drop you can see content inside the host file link this

Step 3:
Enter Those website which you want to block with loop back ip address like this 

Note: After adding the website URL you can't save this file ! save as  the this file to another directory with hosts name after that copy and replace this file with original file.

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