What is the difference between FIRST ANGLE AND THIRD ANGEL DRAWING

 We are sometimes little confused that First angel and Third angel but both are different each and others, it’s must important to define to engineering drawing. Lest see on below diagram.There are many type of difference between first angel and third angel drawing Example of first angel drawing:



 Unfolded it gives the correct layout.
1st Angle Projection
3rd Angle Projection
In First Angle projection the view is projected through the component, so the front view is projected onto the back wall and the top view is projected onto the base.
In 3rd Angle projection the side facing the cube is projected onto the cube, so the top view is on the top of the box and the front view is on the front of the box.
When the 1st Angle view is folded out the front view is at the back of the top view and the side view is on the opposite side of the front view. This type of layout often causes confusion with people who aren't completely familiar with orthographic layouts.
In 3rd angle projection the views are positioned on the same side of the view next to them, so the top view is on top of the front view and the side view is on the side of the front view that it represents. This is a much easier layout to understand and my preferred choice.


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