How to show Hidden files or folder on windows 8

Windows 8 hides certain files so that you are not able to view them while exploring the files and folders on your computer. Windows has two types of files that Windows will classify as hidden and hide from the user. The first type are actually hidden files, which are ones that are given the +H attribute or specified as Hidden in a file or folder's properties. The second type of file are System files, which are files that are required for the proper operation of Windows 8 as thus are hidden so that they are not changed or deleted by accident. 

There are times, though, that you need to see the files that are hidden on your computer. Whether it is because malware has created them and set them to be hidden or you need to repair a problem on your computer that requires you to view Hidden or System files. Due to this it can be beneficial at times to be able to see all files, including hidden ones, that may be on your computer. This tutorial will explain how to show all hidden files in Windows 8.

1. First Go the "View"

2. Click "Option"

3. Click view, and chose option, select Show hidden files,folder, or drives,and click apply ok.

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