Change The Windows 7 Password without Knowing The Current Password

If You Want To Someone Fall in Trouble Then This Trick Is Just Only Made For You. All You Want to Do is! Just Get The Victim laptop. While its Log on. Just Follow The Folloing Steps to Change His Administrator Password. Without Knowing Laptop Current Password

In Formal Way You Need The Current Password To Change The Administrator Password . Take A Look

Now I'm Going To Show You How To Do This Hacking Tricks! Just Follow The Following Steps 

Step 1: Go To Start menu and Search Command 

Step 2: Then Right Click and Run as Administrator

Step 3: Now Type Net User Command

Step 4: Now Type Net User [user name] [password]

NOTE: Net User [User name] [Password]
             Net User SoNu huawei
             Net user is command 
             SoNu is user name   * To Know what is the user name look at the picture bellow
             huawei is password

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