how To Configure Boot From Cd/Dvd In Virtual Box step by step with screenshot

Fatel Error : No Bootable Medium Found ! System halted
Many of you have seen this kind of problem while configuring your virtual box to windows. this things happens only because of your's virtual box couldn't find out the optical drive (CD/DVD Drive) . To resolve this problem you need a iso image file of a operating system either a software which mount that image file on your os. 

Step 1: Select the preconfiguration  windows 8 file then click on Start Button

Step 2: Click On The Choose Virtual CD/DVD File Option 

Step 3: Select the iso windows 8 image file. then click open

Step 4: Now you can see a new windows 8 AIO finul build file appear under the CD/DVD menu Select That.

step 5: Reset your virtual box

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