How to Install windows 8 Using Recovery Disk

To Recover or Install your windows 8 using Recover Disk Follow The Steps.....

Press F11 On windows 8 Startup

 Step 1: Click See Advanced Repair Option

Step 2: Click On The Troubleshoot

Step 3: Click On The Advanced Option

Step 4: Click On System Image Recovery Option.

Step 5: Click On The Administrator Account (sonuxrt)

Step 6: Enter Password Then Click Continue

Step 7: Its automatic detect you Recovery Drive Click Next

Note: If you're created your windows recovery disk in a USB Dive then please insert that USB Drive before doing all these steps..

Step 8: Click Next

Step 9 : Click Yes!

Wait until its finish

Now your windows is successfully installed restart your windows!

Note: Please Do not Turn off your computer while windows recovery installation running Because if your terminate your windows you will not able to boot up with your windows even also will not able to do the recovery process until you have a separate windows 8 Troubleshoot CD.

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