How To Set Time limit on your kid's user account

Now you have the power to set the time limitless for your kid's. i mean you can specify hours when your children are allowed to sign in to the PC, and Even set different time each day. If a child is signed in when their allotted time end's they'll be sign out automatically. 

You can do this trick in two 

  • Using Time Allowance :- Its help you to make allow few time in a day like 2 hour 3 hour as you want 
  • Using Curfew :- Its help you to Make a specify time to login with a particular duration  
Follow the steps to apply both setting on your kid's user account

Click on the Family Safety option under Control panel

Click on the Enabled Family Safety user account

Like you can see sonuxrtdemo account with family safety feature on.

Click on The Time Limits Option

Chose the type of restriction would you like to apply on your kids account

Using Time Allowance feature you can allow a set of time to you kid's in day 

Right now i'm giving a restriction of 2 hour 30 minutes in the weekdays and 6 hour at weekend

Using Curfew Feature You can allow to  your children a specify time to login with a particular duration 

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