how to monitor your kids pc activities without any software in windows 8

In today's life everyone  have a computer at their home and most them have a internet connection also. We also know that if you have a kids at your home then many of you completely agree with me that today's kids are like to spend their time either watching television or playing games on computer or surfing internet but its not the big issue things is in internet. we know that many of time when we browsing at internet suddenly a porn popup windows open. we don't want to happens this with our children. so this trick can help you like these....

  • Its helps you to restricts a particular website that your kids visiting a lot
  • Its helps you to set limits on your child's PC Time
  • Its helps you to take control on your child's apps and games with restriction. 
Please follow the steps to do this tricks.............
Step 1: Click on my computer then click computer then Click on open control panel

Step 2: After entered on control panel click on the Family Safety option

Step 3: Click on Create a new user account option

Step 4: Enter any user name and a password 

Step 5: Click on Is this a child's account? option and the click Finish 

Step 6: Now Your Monitoring / Restriction User account is ready for your child's

Step 7: Click on the user account which you have recently created. then you can see a view activities reports option bellow the account picture click to see you child's pc activities

Here is you child's pc activities. you can easily monitor that
  • log in log-out time 
  • which websits they visited
  • which application they used
  • which games they played
  • which file they download

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