How To Create a Active Link for Comments On Other site

What is active link. how does it effect while commenting on other website?

An active link can help you a lot while you do comments on other website or blog. I mean many of us while commenting on other site we are simply write our comments or query and after that we are just simply copy and past out website URL Like This

For Example : Hi my name is sonu roy and i just want 2 know that how do i create a Active link please reply me as soon as possible my website is

Now if someone try to click on link ! Guess what its Inactive & its doesn't redirect the person anywhere. so the chances of visiting your website or blog through you comments link is 1% and with the help of active link you can enable the person  to come out your website using your comments 

To create a Active Link Just Replace ## To Your website URL And $$ with you website name like this

<A HREF="##"> $$ </A>

my website is <A HREF=""> sonuxrt </A>

my website is sonuxrt

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