how to create a system restore point in windows 8 step by step with screenshot

Before we start you should know that what is system restore. And how does its help you ?

Ans : System restore is a feature of Microsoft windows its comes with your windows operating system and its absolutely free. 

System restore help you to restore your computer on a earlier date, for example you had create a system restore point on January 2012 and that time you pc working absolutely  fine & without any single problem and after 1 year your computer running very slow and having lots of problem its become bad to worst.

In that situation system restore enable you to restore your computer to that January 2012 when you computer working fine. and its the best part of system restore is its save your time from formatting you pc. 

To Create a system restore point in windows 8 follow the steps

Step 1: Right Click on My Computer go to system properties then click system protection option

Step 2: Click On Configure button

Step 3: In this dialog box you can adjust maximum disk space used for system protection
Step 4 : Basically system restore can restore your windows operating system. but there is option that apply the system restore point to the selected hard drive. that means system restore restore your windows and also the configure disk

To Configure any drive to perform restore while system restore is running

Just Click The Drive which you want apply the restore setting then Click Configure

Note: Please set the maximum limit that your drive space is used 

Right now you can see that my both drive i mean C and E Drive's protection is on.

Step 5:  Please Click on the Create button 

Step 6: Enter a system restore point name  

On Process

Successfully Created !

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