How To Configure a key to a shutdown key in windows 8 steps

Many of you have been using windows 8. will completely agree with me that windows 8 shut feature is always takes a lots time to reach the shutdown button. and that's why i coming with a new tricks that helps you to shutdown your windows 8 computer using one key. just customize any key to a shutdown key and that can help you to access your shutdown quickly. 

To Turn any key to a shutdown hotkey follow the steps

Step 1: Right Click On the My Computer Then Click The Shortcut Option

Step 2: Type shutdown -s on the dialog box

Step 3: Click On Finish Button

Step 4: Right Click On The Shutdown icon that you are just created and Click on the Properties

Now Click Shortcut Tab then Click on the Shortcut Key dialog Box and press any like i press F1 then Click appy ok

Now this F1 Key is the Hotkey To Shutdown your computer 

If you want To Change your icon then click on the change icon option on that same windows and chose any then click apply ok 

When you press Shutdown Hotkey. This massage will appear on your computer screen

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